KarmaCom Inc was founded by Karma Martell in June 1997.

The Internet was known as "The Wild West."

Reliable and broadband were not used in the same sentence.

Fortune 500 companies laughed her out of the room, saying, "We will never have a website and we will never sell anything on the Internet."

Karma conducted her first business webinar with live chat on Compuserve in 1995.

Industry thought leadership and high social media marks:

Karma Martell's Press Book

About Karma Martell

The synergistic partnership of marketing and technology is what spurred Karma Martell's creation of KarmaCom in 1997, and it continues to inspire her. An early adopter of digital marketing and marketing tech, Karma Martell was an early adopter of social media, email marketing, webinars, search engine optimization (SEO) and more. In the PR world, Martell was one of the first to fuse organic search optimization techniques with public relations, and later on, with social media.

With her self-made tradition of having one foot in the future, Martell has consistently attracted visionary partners. KarmaCom's technology partners hold patents in video technology and 3D rendering, and are in the forefront of #AI, #VR, #IoT and other exciting vehicles that support a better user and customer experience, increase ROI and save money.

Says Martell: "Despite all the dizzying changes I have seen from Web 1.0 to the present, the underlying value proposition remains unchanged: Create opportunities and vehicles to effectively and strategically communicate brand value to reach and grow the customer base."

Named "Best of Digital Marketing 2016" by LinkedIn, Karma Martell's successes have been cited by Bulldog Reporter, Ecommerce Times, Huffington Post, PR Newswire, Ragan PR, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Women's Wear Daily and many others. Her papers on digital marketing strategies have been published by industry journals. As a PR professional she received two Silver Anvil awards for national campaigns as part of an agency team of two.

Karma Martell's cross-media, interactive drive-to-web campaign increased donations for a national nonprofit by over 300%. She created the "Vermont Vacations" brand, driving one million visitors within three months to local tourism portals. A cross-media hyperlocal recruitment campaign increased business school enrollments for a northeast University by over 100%. In 2012 KarmaCom helped introduce New York City's first local, independent car share brand, which was soon scooped up by car rental giant Enterprise.

In 2011 KarmaCom allied with CBS New York Media to create tailored broadcast, digital out of home, email, local TV, mobile and web advertising and promotion programs for regional and national brands. Through this partnership KarmaCom is able to provide unparalleled opportunities for businesses large and small to maximize advertising dollars and compete on a world class scale.

Karma Martell is an accomplished professional singer and songwriter, has appeared at the Edinburgh Festival, and has been featured in Billboard. An avid foodie and wine lover, Martell has worked with four-star chefs, developing and promoting events, video and television series, products, recipes, web content and alcohol brands.

Passionate about community service, Karma Martell contributes as a music minister, a CSA promoter and volunteer and is co-founder of the James Hemings Foundation.

Martell's passion to do well by doing good is woven into her core business philosophy: to facilitate "good karma" sustainable and ethical marketing that delivers ROI, embraces social good and generates value-driven engagement.